About Me

Once upon a time there was a burnt-out activist and social worker who decided to make a career change. After a lifetime of playing with computers, he got serious about learning programming. Now he spends his days coding for good at Software For Good and his nights making art with code. (Okay, I do lots of other things too, but this site is mainly a code portfolio, so there you go).

Academic Interests

Community development/organizing, structural racism and racial justice, segregation and land use policy, heterodox economics, sustainable development, expanding rights of mental health consumers, use of technology in non-profits, integrating systems thinking into social justice work, models for non-hierarchical decision making, emergent behavior of complex systems, ethnography.

Other Interests

Clarity. Compassion. Sustainability. Electronic Music. Trains. Burning Man. Contact Improvisation. Half-heartedly preparing for industrial collapse, but not worrying too much about it. Urban gardening. I'm also an electronic musician and DJ. Obligatory link to my DJ Site and my Mixcloud.


I mostly live in Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis. Sometimes my wife and I spend time in Thessaloniki and Athens. I'm originally from Cincinnati, OH. I have fond memories of living on Cherokee St in Saint Louis, MO.

Education Stuff

B.A. Sociology from Macalester College in St. Paul
Masters in Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis
Completed a coding bootcamp at Bitmaker Labs in Toronto, Ontario

Most Important Stuff

I have an amazing partner and wife. I love her dearly. She takes photos and is a designer. Basically she makes everything I do look great. If you need some furniture refurbished, an event photographed, a logo designed, or if you need informal psychotherapy that will get you unstuck and help you live and love again, I highly recommend her.

We share our lives with a 100+ lb ball of fluff named Starla the Luckdragon (though she mostly goes by Boo). She generally just likes to cuddle and sleep on the porch.

If anyone tries to convince you rationality and magic are opposed, that loving community isn't possible, that revolution is a dirty word, or that having fun takes away from serious spiritual or career pursuits, toss em overboard until they come around.

Skills To Pay The Bills

  • Ruby

  • JS/CoffeeScript


  • Rails

  • Sinatra

  • Git

  • API building

  • RSpec/TDD/BDD

  • Linux

  • Raspberry Pi/Arduino hardware

  • C (mediocre)

  • Python (mediocre)

  • Processing (newbie!)

  • Elixir (newbie!)

Other Erics